The Watchmen's Armour Course - DVD

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TWA Series 1

In this first part of the course we are going to examine, not only the Jewishness of Jesus, Paul and that of the Apostles, but the Judaic interpretation and understanding of Scripture as it was originally intended by both Paul (Rabbi Sha'ul) and the Apostles. We will examine the definition of Law in the New Testament, the One New Man spoken of in Ephesians 2:15, and how did the first believers in Jesus (Yeshua) understand sin and Holiness and what Repentance means - Biblically and not by man's modern definition.

In this exciting new series, the Bible will be brought to life as you have never seen it before. You will discover the amazing Love of God, but also the seriousness with which He intended it.
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Introduction to The Watchmen's Armour Course Series One
Part One - Biblical Interpretation
Part Two - The One New Man
Part Three - Sin Part 1
Part Four - Sin Part 2
Part Five - Sin and Repentance
Conclusion - Series One




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