What We Believe

We refer to Jesus by His given name in Aramaic/Hebrew which is Yeshua which translates as "Salvation" rather than the Hellenistic name of Jesus which does not have the same connotation in Middle Eastern thought.

The Scriptures

The Triune Godhead


We accept that Gentiles who truly accept Jesus replace Jews who reject Him; however, these are incorporated into Israel in a spiritual sense (on the basis of Romans 11), rather than the church replacing Israel - a teaching which we hold to be error. God's prophetic plan for the salvation of the world is bound up with His prophetic plan for the re-gathering and salvation of Israel.
We reject - as a false unity - ecumenism or unity with any form with non-evangelical versions of Christianity, having a different doctrine of salvation and a basis of doctrinal authority other than the Bible We hold to the Pre-Wrath view of the end times and do not hold to any form of Dominionism or Amillenialism.



The Devil - Satan

Atonement For Sin


The Christian Walk

The Great Commission