A Beginners Guide to the Jewish Roots of Christianity

The forgotten Roots This book is written as both an enticement to question and as an encouragement to both new believers - and those who are disheartened with the direction the Church has taken today. This book may not answer all questions, but that is not its purpose. The purpose of this book is to encourage you to ask questions and seek G-d and His Word for the truth. Questioning is a good thing; it is something to be promoted and encouraged amongst believers. Blind acceptance of teachers and teachings can lead to acceptance of every wind of doctrine, which may be contrary to the very Word of G-d to which we are supposed to adhere.Discernment is an important issue within the faith and unfortunately seems to have been put on the back burner in favour of Yoga, Martial Arts, New Age and Contemplative techniques. This book gives another perspective on the Roots of our Faith and the Roots of some of these controversial practices and encourages you to look at Scripture from a Biblical Perspective rather than just listening to others - whose overall agenda may not be in line with Scripture.

M Debono-De-Laurentis (MTh, MMin)

Discernment Issues

Time_of_Departing_Cover Faith Undone Yoga Uncoiled
Yoga and the Body of Christ Other Side of the River Running Against The Wind
God's of the New Age Idolarty in their hearts cover Redefiing Christianity
For many Shall Come In My Name New Wine and the Babylonian Vine Another Jesus
Messages From Heaven 101 Last Days Prophecies Queen of All
101 Scientific Facts The Truth War: Fighting for Certainty in an Age of Deception Where the Church Lost the Way

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Biblical Interpretation And Discernment Issues In Regard To The Law or Torah:
A Beginners Guide

Law or Torah The topic of Law in the Scriptures is one that has caused much confusion and misunderstanding throughout the church age. It is a very misunderstood word and through traditionalism and scholastic blindness it has become a doctrinal focus for much dissension and misapplied theology within Christendom. From a Judaic perspective the “law” has a far more varied application than it does in the Greek. In the Greek the word nomos (Law) is a specific word relating to a legal process or concept. However the Hebrew word Torah has a completely different connotation. This Booklet examines some of the misunderstood doctrines regarding the issue and clarifies some misunderstood concepts.

M Debono-De-Laurentis (MTh, MMin)

Christian Choices Today

Christian Choices Today Christian Choices Today is an examination of what our faith entails and a questioning look at why and what we believe. This booklet is not for the faint of heart as it will promote a response in the reader. Some hard realities are examined to stimulate thinking and reinstill biblical standards in the believing Christians faith.

M Debono-De-Laurentis (MTh, MMin)


The Servant of Jehovah The Ancient Scriptures for the Modern Jew Rays of Messiah's Glory
Types, Psalms & Prophecies The Visions and Prophecies of Zechariah The History of Israel, Its Spiritual Significance
The History of the Ten 'Lost' Tribes A Divine Forecast of Jewish History The Shepherd of Israel and His Scattered Flock
Christ Crucified Christ and Israel The Lord's Prayer
Short Writings The Divinity of the Messiah History of the Jewish Nation
Jewish Witnesses for Christ The Mountains of Israel Musings from Galilee
The Great Mystery Selected Writings The_One_Who_Is_to_Come
The_Feasts_of_the_Lord Messianism_Among_Jews_and_Christians Betrayed


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