MDDL is a Christian Discernment and research ministry with its base in Scotland. MDDL exists in order to help equip pastors, churches and individual believers in counter-cult, apologetics and church discernment issues as well as a deeper understanding of our faith through knowledge of its Judaic roots.

Deception amongst believers is getting worse as we near the apostate end time church prophecied in scripture and it is important to maintain a true Biblical Stance in these last days. As a ministry we aim to show the importance of understanding the Biblical Judaic Roots of the Christian faith (Not Rabbinic Judaism) and how much of the confusion and deception in the Church today is due to the rejection of these Roots.

Discernment is not necessarily something that comes purely through Divine inspiration, but through the Study of G-d's Word. Biblical Judaism has been forgotten in Scriptural interpretation today. Defending Christianity through true Biblical understanding of Apologetics is of the utmost importance in these days of great deception. When Hindu Yoga and Buddhist Prayer walks are classed as Christian principles and practices to aspire to, we have to ask: What are we being taught? What are our Pastors and Teachers actually promoting? Is what we are being taught Biblical Christianity or the end time church in Apostasy warned about in Revelation?

This Ministry is dedicated to revealing the truth of Scripture and exposing the teachings of the Cults that are causing abuse in the Church and explaining how these False Doctrines come about due the rejection of the Judaic understanding of the Word. I am referring to Judaism as promoted by God to the people He called His own and moulded into a nation. Not as taught by the Rabbi's of Orthodox Judaism.

Dr M Debono-De-Laurentis TH.M D.A. MMin

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A Charter Member of the UMJA (United Messianic Jewish Assembly)

The Watchmen's Armour Course Available NOW Free Of Charge

The Watchmen's Armour
Series One

TWA 1This Course aims to put the Messiah back into His original context as a Jew and the Jewish Messiah. The Jewish Messiah that has reached out to include Gentiles into His plan of Salvation.
In this course we are going to examine, not only His Jewishness and that of the Apostles, but the Judaic interpretation and understanding of Scripture as it was originally intended by both Paul (Rabbi Sha'ul) and the Apostles.
We will examine the definition of Law in the New Testament, the One New Man spoken of in Ephesians 2:15, and how did the first believers in Jesus (Yeshua) understand sin and Holines and what Repentance means - Biblically and not by man's modern definition.

M Debono-De-Laurentis (MTh)

Christian Choices Today

Christian Choices Today Christian Choices Today is an examination of what our faith entails and a questioning look at why and what we believe. This booklet is not for the faint of heart as it will promote a response in the reader. Some hard realities are examined to stimulate thinking and reinstill biblical standards in the believing Christians faith.

M Debono-De-Laurentis (MTh)

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