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I am Dr Max Debono-De-Laurentis MTh, D.A. MMin. I am currently teaching on the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith as well as Discernment issues within the church. I have been involved with several ministries involving outreach to the Jews including Messianic Testimony and CMJ (Churches Mission to the Jewish People).

I travel to many destinations to share my Testimony, Biblical Teaching and help in counter cult Counseling on a one to one basis or in groups where necessary. My main focus as a speaker is developing an understanding of the deception in the church and demonstrate how much of this deception is brought about by the rejection of the Judaic Roots of our faith as believers. I also present and teach the Kesher course (Developed by CFI - Christian Friends of Israel), an excellent tool in DVD format to introduce believers to the Judaic Roots of their faith.

I do not teach works for salvation, nor works to maintain salvation, but I do explain how the Torah (Usually translated as Law in the New Testament) is still relevant to believers today and how, by the rejection of the Torah we are leading unfulfilled lives as Christians or Messianic Believers.

I currently have 3 books published and am willing to discuss any topic within those books or any other that will bring clarification and Glory to Adonai's Word and bring our focus back to Him and away from the man centred theology of today.

Please feel free to contact me via the Feedback page or email me at email@maxddl.org and we can discuss dates, times and topics. Please book soon so as not to be disappointed, the diary can fill up quickly. For bookings outside the United Kingdom, please try to arrange several engagements or a series of talks to make a long journey worthwhile. Thank you

Please feel free to enjoy "The Watchmen's Armour" Course Toatally Free Here

Baruch Haba B'shem Adonai

A Charter Member of the UMJA (United Messianic Jewish Assembly)


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Biblical Interpretation And Discernment Issues In Regard To The Law or Torah:
A Beginners Guide

Law or Torah The topic of Law in the Scriptures is one that has caused much confusion and misunderstanding throughout the church age. It is a very misunderstood word and through traditionalism and scholastic blindness it has become a doctrinal focus for much dissension and misapplied theology within Christendom. From a Judaic perspective the “law” has a far more varied application than it does in the Greek. In the Greek the word nomos (Law) is a specific word relating to a legal process or concept. However the Hebrew word Torah has a completely different connotation. This Booklet examines some of the misunderstood doctrines regarding the issue and clarifies some misunderstood concepts.

M Debono-De-Laurentis (MTh)

Christian Choices Today

  Christian Choices Today Christian Choices Today is an examination of what our faith entails and a questioning look at why and what we believe. This booklet is not for the faint of heart as it will promote a response in the reader. Some hard realities are examined to stimulate thinking and reinstill biblical standards in the believing Christians faith.

M Debono-De-Laurentis (MTh)



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