How Did Paul Define the Gospel to the Gentiles Without the New Testament?

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Meticulously researched and written by Max Debono-De-Laurentis, ‘How Did Paul Define the Gospel to the Gentiles Without the New Testament?: Understanding Sha'ul the Rabbi’ takes readers back thousands of years, to days predating the New Testament, to discover exactly how the Apostles and early followers of Jesus preached the Gospel. It’s one of the only books to take such a compelling look at the Gospel’s Judaic Context, making it an invaluable resource for both scholars and lay believers.


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How Did Paul Define the Gospel to the Gentiles Without The New Testament - Dr M Debono-De-Laurentis MTh, D.A.

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In this exciting book we discover a new method to understanding the gospel and an added dynamic to our walk with the Messiah and our teaching ability. This is not a book promoting a works based salvation as salvation only comes by God's grace. When we give the gospel message to others we automatically give scriptures and quote stories from the New Testament. But what if we didn't have a New testament to give the gospel from? The first believers never had a NT, all they had was the Law (Torah) and Jewish tradition and interpretations of the Torah to see them through. This book examines some of those issues and guides us into the ability to preach the gospel message in a fresh but at the same time, old and original way. What did gentile believers first hear regarding the gospel without a NT? This book answers that question and many more and includes a personal study section at the back to allow you to find and answer these questions yourself to help reach others and deepen our knowledge of the working of God in the salvation of man through Yeshua. 2 Timothy 2:15 - "Study to Show yourself approved, a workman rightly interpreting the word of truth".

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What if we didn't have a New Testament at all with which to preach Salvation, how would we terach it? If we were living in the First Century and witnessing to a friend, how would you do it? How many of us could actually preach the Gospel Message without the NT? Would we actually get the same message if we did preach without it? Could you, reading this, confidently go to the Tenach (Old Testament) and demonstrate the gospel? I am talking about the full message of the gospel and its full intent for the believer and follower of the Messiah? Without the NT is it even possible?


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